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It's a four letter word, you know.

Well okay, it's not really a word at all. It certainly has yet to grace the presence of my lips. Yes, we're talking about sleeping through the night. And to be honest, I'm getting plenty of sleep. I don't really mind. If there is one thing I've learned it's that well-meaning advice often plants seeds of insecurity in young, new mothers. Although everyone means well, there is a certain unspoken (well...maybe not completely unspoken...some like to shout it) standard that babies should be sleeping for 8 hours without waking.

"Even when the mom herself has no problems with baby nursing at night, she still worries that this is a problem, since American society seem to consider it one." -

A conversation in the life of a new mother:

Friend: "oh, what a cutie!"
Mom: smiles
Friend: "how old is she?"
Mom: "he is x months/weeks old"
Friend: "wow, he's so big/small"
Mom: "Yep"
Friend: "is he a good baby"
Mom: "yep" *asks self what a bad baby is*
Friend: "is he sleeping through the night?"
Mom: "yep" *nope*
Friend: "well that's good"

now in all honesty, I'm just poking fun. I really don't mind the questions especially since everyone comments on how happy of a baby Marcus is. It really tickles me pink to hear that, especially since the little bear refuses to sleep through the night.

"The act of nursing is not just nourishing; it is nurturing. Keep in mind that these needs are every bit as real as baby's physical ones, and having them met is every bit as needful to baby's overall development. " kellymom.comThings have changed a lot in recent years and I'm really enjoying the discovery of my own parenting style.