Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pic-a-nic-ing at Fort Snelling State Park

The last two days Marcus and I have gone hiking at Fort Snelling State Park. Saturday evening we went with Elly and today it was just Marcus, me and Marcus 3. We packed up our lunches and took a 4 mile hike through the woods ending in a picnic. It was a beautiful day full of threatening clouds brimming with rain, gusty winds, and a bright warm sun to break up the cold. After fearing that the hike would end in soaking sneakers and wet baby hair the sun broke out and shone down on Snelling Lake giving us a great sunset and some nice lighting for photographs.

Marcus wearing his baby. And this hike was brought to you by: Mama By Design Calyx. Try taking a stroller on a rock path - not happening. Or wearing a bjorn - ouch. He carried the baby and I carried our lunches.

Typical boy - he loves getting tossed in the air
Laughing afterwardsWe're great buds!

Friday, September 11, 2009


So I've been out of the internet for a week until this past Wednesday. Going along with that Marcus 3 had his 6 month check up (at 6.5 months). He now weighs 25lbs, is 26.25in long, and something about the number 17 for his head circumference. So according to the WHO chart for average breast fed baby growth he's waaaay off the chart except for his itty bitty head but that's okay. I mean 21-22lbs is the 95th percentile for his age. So yeah, do the math.

He also had his very first two shots. The HiB and Pneumoccocal vaccines. I cried like a good first time mom and then promptly told myself to get over it since he was smiling and apparently quite okay. He did get slightly irratable later on that evening everytime we would hold him and grab his legs but that was easily cured by a warm bath and one dose of baby tylenol. I however, managed to contract a sympathy fever that evening which thankfully went away in the middle of the night. So now all is well. We go back next month for DTaP and will continue our once a month routine switching between those two rounds of vaxes.

On the bright side, the new ped is quite nice and took no persuading at all and knew by heart the delayed vax schedule. She suggested that I can start solids if I wish, which I don't cause who wants to deal with those diapers. Maybe by next month he will have that pincer grasp down that i'm waiting for.

No photos yet. But coming soon!