Saturday, August 14, 2010

The worst diet in the world.

WARNING: This posts mentions boobs. So if that weirds you out, turn away now.

After battling yeast diaper rashes for months and months and then finally conquering those, I figured out that I have what the breastfeeding community calls intraductal thrush/yeast. Intraductal meaning it's moved inside my milk ducts. Thrush is normally a term for a yeast overgrowth in the mouth and can be a common breastfeeding problem in children who are nursing. They get the yeast in the mouth which manifests in white patches on their tongue and gums. This is easily transferable to the mother's nipple (yes, I said nipple) because yeast thrives in moist, warm environments and is fed by sugar (of which breast milk has plenty).

This whole battle began just after 3.0 turned a year old and I went through kidney stone surgery and received antibiotics. Now, just as a note to you women out there who might be pregnant and are planning on breastfeeding, a word of advice - DO NOT take unnecessary antibiotics. Avoid them like the plague and question the necessity of them with your doctor before he/she prescribes them to you. The same goes for prescribing them for your child. They are a world of trouble and pain waiting to happen. In my case, I needed them because I was going through surgery but they still effed me up.

Anyway, back on track. After four months of constant pain and waking up for hours in the middle of the night because I could not sleep through it, I made my first call to a lactation consultant. Yes, I'm one of those crazies who is still nursing my 18 month old even though he can walk on his own and eat solid food. If you need me to justify my reasons for that than you haven't done enough research into the benefits of breast milk or the average age of child led weaning. I'm not going to justify my decision, it is what it is. The lactation consultant suggested doing a heavy dose of flucanozole, and oral anti-fungal medication. That helped some but certainly didn't take it away. So I decided to take the next step and cut out all sugar, carbohydrates, dairy and a whole list of other foods from my diet. In case you are wondering here is a list of Foods To Avoid when on this diet. Pretty much everything enjoyable in life, no?

After almost a month of being on this diet I can say that the pain has stopped, I can sleep at night, I feel much healthier and as an added bonus I've lost 6 lbs. We are eating a whole bunch of vegetables that I never would have thought to have picked up before and we've brought experimentation back into our kitchen. 2.0 is having a blast concocting different dishes with all sorts of spices and has now discovered that he looooves fenugreek (a common spice in Indian cuisine). He's totally on board and supportive and is slimming down himself.

The hardest part of this diet, and probably most, is finding a balance between adhering to it and discovering treats that you can allow yourself to have. I'm sure most diets fail because a person eventually gives up on not having a snickers bar or 85% dark chocolate, in my case, and then they buy $50 worth of sweets, put in The Notebook and binge on Hagan Daaz ice cream while bawling their eyes out.

I've been experimenting over the last three weeks with finding my allowable sweet treat. It's come in the form of a delectable truffle ball. It's vegan, raw, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and completely guilt free. The only questionable ingredient would be the cocoa powder but carob just isn't cutting it for me. bleh.

So here's the recipe base in case you want it. I used a mixture of Stevia and Xylitol for sweeteners. I would highly recommend doing research on these because they both have incredibly low glycemic indexes. Stevia contains virtually no calories because it's made from a leaf. Xylitol has 2/3 the calories of regular sugar, burns much slower, and is actually GOOD for your teeth. And heck no, this kid didn't eat any of these. These are Mama's treats. He gets the frozen blueberries that stain his fingers purple and fruit leathers.

Truffle Balls

2tsp Tahini (I use raw almond butter due to allergy)

1 T Yacon Syrup or you could sub stevia

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp cinnamon

2T coconut

1/2 cup carob powder

2 T + milk alternative (almond is yummy)

Combine all ingredients except milk & carob. Add carob alternatively with milk until consistency of fudge. Roll into balls & roll in coconut. I sometimes add coconut to the mix as well.

Other yummy additions are hemp seed & coconut.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Wild Rumpus!

You can't have a bad time when the word rumpus is involved. At least, that's what I told my step-sister Grace when she accompanied us on an adventurous outing to a Minneapolis children's bookstore. Of course, she had been there as a middle schooler so she had a sense of what it was going to be like.

Chickens. Chickens running around freely. Cages lining the walls filled with doves, cockatiels, ferrets, and free roaming cats napping in baskets. A child's delight and a mother's fear. Especially if you are the mother of a toddler who has yet to learn the skill of petting. I was constantly living in fear of two things:

1. My child plucking the chicken and then my being forced to pay for the chicken to go to therapy.

2. My child pulling each and every book off of the shelves and my being forced to stay there for weeks and weeks reorganizing the books back into their doohicky decimal system.

But overall, the Rumpus was a fun place to be and we got to watch 3.0 run around doing his banshee yell, pointing and grunting at all the creatures.

Mo Willems inspired dove (or pigeon).

The 70's chicken with the bell bottoms -

The bookshelves

3.0 informing me that petting a Griffin is way cooler than petting a sleeping cat -

Grace leading 3.0 out the mini door -

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Who stole the hummus?

How do you fit a quarter tub of hummus onto three crackers? I don't know. But somehow the hummus monster has figured out a way. In one week's time we've torn through three containers of various different hummus flavors. This kid is insane.

I'm going to have to start licking his fingers in order to get any hummus around here.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tip Me Over...

...and pour me out!

Child o'mine is ooooooobsessed with pouring and dumping things out. All day, every day he converts his normal non-pool/bath toys into mechanisms for pouring or dumping. He's done with his water, he dumps it on the floor. His mega blocks are no longer for stacking but only for the fun of dumping them out of the bag and then making me play 3942 mega-block-pick-up. My favorite game.

But there is nothing quite like the joy of pouring water from the bathtub or kiddie pool from various oddly sized and shaped vessels. Especially when looking like a beach bum comes so naturally.

Special thanks to Grandparents Bruce and Janet for the purchase of the kiddie pool. And special thanks to Grandparents Merry and Roger for the use of the backyard in order to set up said kiddie pool.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crunchy Granola....Bars.

We all already know my views on babywearing. I'm fairly outspoken about my views on breastfeeding. My son shared our bed until he was 11 months old. We use cloth diapers (when yeast isn't invading our household).

In internet terminology (mostly nerdy parenting forums) the term "crunchy" or "granola" refers to someone who is natural or a hippie. Now, I'm not one to ascribe to many of the ideologies that came out of the 60's but I do like to do things au naturale whenever possible. You know, except for like not shaving cause yeah, well....eww.

So it shouldn't be of any surprise that my son is wearing a necklace made from Baltic Amber which I purchased from Inspired by Finn (do I get something for plugging their name?) I've put this off for a long time. Mainly for fear of 2.0's reaction to his son wearing a necklace. But these molars are killing me and these things are supposed to have some sort of magical mystical quality that takes away pain. Or some kind of acid that works as an analgesic when in close contact with one's skin. It's probably not a good idea to mention acid and the 1960's in the same post. Either way, parents all over the place are raving about them and how they work and make your baby sleep better and take away teething crankiness, blah blah. And they hooked me with some kind of 30% off discount when you mention them on facebook...I'm a sucker.
What was 2.0's reaction, you ask? The following is taken from a transcript of our txt message conversation after I sent him a picture via phone -

Me: Check out Mozy's new amber necklace.
2.0: What? He's 80's now? Does it have a gold cross too?
Me: And who wore emo silver bean chokers in high school? That would be you.
2.0: Now all he needs is a miniature red Fiaro that he can wash while listening to Van Halen on his boom box.

End Transmission.

Add to the previous list of crunchy qualities and homeopathic teething remedies the fact that I juuuuuust baked homemade granola bars....yeah. Free monogamous love, baby.


Oh and sorry this is blurry - he was running at me shouting like a banshee.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The week from hell.

It's been a long time since I've written here. This topic is so much deeper and so much more painful than anything I've ever spoken of in this space.

Sometimes, during our days there is less being spoken but more being said. There are times of quiet where 2.0 and I just reflect and express our thoughts in glances, the way married couples so often do. Every day the hurt ebbs and flows, gets stronger and then is more tolerable. Two steps forward, one step back. The dance of healing. Getting worse and then getting better.
Pain is pain, no matter if it is emotional or physical it still hurts. No one can take away your physical pain or make a cut heal faster for you. In like manner, no one can bear this burden for us nor make us heal any faster than we will. Time heals all wounds, right?

No matter what it always comes back to the fact that we lost our baby. We lost our baby. A child we tried for and wanted so badly. Come back, little one. Maybe that body just wasn't right for you and you need something stronger. Oh God, please take care of my little one or send him/her back to me.

No matter how little you were, you will always be a part of our family. The pain might fade but the memory never will. We love you,

Your Mum-mum, Da, and big brother.

Friday, May 7, 2010


When spring first sprung and we started taking little Marcus to playgrounds he hated the slide. He would cry going down. He would cry sitting on your lap while you went down with him. Along with the cry came this sound that could only be made in the depths of your gut with considerable abdominal tension accompanying; "eeeeeehhhhh!"

He wasn't real fond of the swing either. So when you cut out the slide and the swing that really only leaves you with going up stairs because this 14 month old hasn't mastered walking down them yet. Unless of course you "help" him by holding his hands while he blindly steps off of them and then catching him in his fall. As you can imagine, I couldn't tolerate the monotony that is up and down so I masterfully assimilated him into the love of swing and slide. He still doesn't like a full swing but he enjoys a relaxed and lazy back and forth especially if you place your face close enough so that when he comes forward you bump noses or kiss. That's how we got him to like the swing. Once he was okay with that it seemed like his gut toughened up a bit and it wasn't too long afterward that he enjoyed the slide.

Unfortunately, unforeseen in my mind was the fact that with loving the slide comes....up and down. Because now he's "forgotten" how to climb the stairs and walk to the top of the slide; he needs us to pick him up and plop him at the top. sigh.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What?! I have a blog?

Say it isn't so?

Okay, so I admit I've been avoiding this. But I've been sort of busy lately. And by sort of I mean I've been busy watching Lost and reading books. Oh, did I mention buying diapers?

So, a couple of weeks ago we went to the Children's museum. It was fun and little 3.0 had a blast at the water works section of it. Who wouldn't? You get to dress up in an apron like a mad scientist and leave the place soaked and smelling like chlorine.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The View From Our Patio

I caught this the other day as I ran out to the car to grab something. As much as I complain about our north facing apartment not letting in light, we do have an awesome location for viewing sunsets.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I may have mentioned this before but we have our first official word over here in Tupyville. "Hi". Yes, the extroverted son born to two introverted parents blossoms into language with a greeting. He loves his first word so much that he will chase down strangers walking past and shout after them "Aye! Aye!" until they turn around and say hi back.

Of course, "aye" also means "I want" when accompanied with a long arm outstretched for an adult's cell phone, food, or drink.
For an accurate representation of how he approaches people see photo below. He gets this stance and saunters up to someone, stares them down and then exclaims "Aye!" Most of the time it's women who laugh and giggle and chat back with him while expressing his cuteness; and altogether giving 2.0 and I more attention than we would prefer. This has caused a few awkward moments where I've had to divert 3.0 from trying to grab at some other person's cookie at a coffee shop. I guess he's teaching 2.0 and I how to break out of our shells a bit.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Et Tu Brute

In a fateful aligning of interesting historical factoids we happened to snap this photo on March 15th - the Ides of March. A day set aside in the middle of the month dedicated to worshiping the Roman god Mars.

What does fate have to do with it?
  • I had no idea we took it on March 15th
  • The name Marcus derives from Mars meaning "mighty warrior" - Mars was the god of war after all.
  • And this little way shrine looks awfully Roman, does it not?
Of course, the Ides of March is also historically recorded as the date in which Julius Caesar died. So there is your historical lesson for today, folks.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another member of the family.


Chocolate and I have a strong relationship. So when I got bribed asked to take some promotional photos of chocolates I couldn't refuse. Especially when the payment was the chocolate. So as a favor to a friend we crammed three children (four and under) into our apartment, turned on Star Wars, cooked some food, and snapped some shots.

Here are some of my favorites:

Chocolates by Faith. When she gets a website up and running I will most definitely post a link.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Yes, folks! We're down to one nap a day!

Now this might sound like bad news to begin with but one nap a day is not bad news. Especially when said nap is two and a half hours long! Do you know how much stuff I can get done in two and a half hours? I've been able to read a book. For pleasure. And it's not Big Rex and Friends.

This might not sound like a big deal to you but it's taken a long time to get wee Marcus 3.0 down from three naps a day to two and now to one. I thought he would never sleep for more than an hour at a time and so he always needed at least two naps a day. It's fairly stressful trying several times a day to coordinate your activities so that your child can sleep. It's much easier to hunker down at home for three hours mid-afternoon and relax while said child sleeps and then go about your day afterwards.

And apparently that child has gotten my sleeping habits because this is what we stumbled upon the other day:

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lucky for you, the weather is crap.

I'm justifying my absence by the wonderful weather we've been having. I rejoice the day when you can throw your winter coat in the closet and walk outside in just a sweater. It's been like that lately so in order to squelch cabin fever, we've been outside. But with any spring melt comes the spring rain and for just as many days as we had sunshine we now have drizzle. Nobody like drizzle. So here we are now watching all the pretty white snow dissolve into salt and dirt piles sitting atop patches of soggy brown grass.

So we took it inside for a day and went to the Mall of America for our first venture into Lego land. It was pretty uneventful. So instead we decided to let little 3.0 run amok through the mall. He has to walk everywhere now.




And at Rice Park in Saint Paul.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Z is for Zingiber slice...

Which you ate more than twice
Mixed with pork and white rice
A little soy sauce, sriracha, you've discovered my vice

Ha. I bet you weren't expecting that one, were you? In fact, you're googling Zingiber right now. Well, let me save you the trouble. It's pronounced zin′ji-bĕr. Apparently, it's the scientific name for ginger. It's no surprise to those who know us that we love Asian food. I could eat Vietnamese food at least 4/7 nights a week. Chinese + Hockey = fun night. Thai is probably the number one type of food that Marcus 2.0 and I choose when we want a good conversation and a romantic/nostalgic lunch or dinner.

Our dinnerware is black with red glaze and our silverware is shaped like bamboo for crying out loud! Sriracha, a spicy garlic chile sauce is added to our hamburgers. Get my point? The first meal I ate after giving birth was Pad Thai from my favorite Thai restaurant. After 3.0 was born, we ate the Saigon at least once a week for about a month. Okay, I think I've hammered this home enough.

So it really shouldn't come as a surprise that my little progeny likes to gobble up my rice noodle stir fry. Sriracha included. During my recovery from kidney stone surgery, 2.0 made up some fried rice and according to him and my own mother it had a bite but little 3.0 ate a ton of it. He wouldn't stop pestering 2.0 to give him more.

However, all that taken into account I wasn't expecting my child to tolerate, let alone repeatedly ingest little shavings of fresh ginger last night while we were out with my mom and step-dad at a Chinese Tea House in St. Paul. I figured I would offer it since I know his little palate is pretty advanced. He accepted the offer, and challenged me with giving him more. So I did and he ate it. I mean, fresh ginger is potent here, people! Let alone stuff that's been marinating in soy sauce and rice vinegar. I was quite proud of my little bear but unfortunately I didn't get a picture of it so I will have to show off something else.

He's quite adventurous and I'm glad he likes ginger because it's great for soothing an upset stomach and aiding digestion. With all the crazy food he likes to eat, he's going to need it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Y is for Year

One completed with lots of courage, a little fear
Seeing accomplishments that make you cheer
Here's to braving the new frontier

"Lesley, you've already talked about this..." Yes, yes, I know. But this is my blog and I get to advance at my own pace and clearly I have not gotten over the fact that my first born is turning one. So, I'm making you dwell on it too.

A long, long pregnancy ago, I promised my sister that I wouldn't refer to my 1.5 year old child as 18 months. Now, if there is one thing I've learned this last year it's that you should not promise silly things about situations in which you have no experience. I've also learned that the reason parents refer to their children's ages in month form is because they are in denial that their child is growing up. Okay, obviously it's just because it's a more accurate way of describing the child's age without being too specific: he's 13 months vs. he's one year one month two days and three hours.

So sis, sorry if I refer to little 3.0 as being 13 months old come March. The real reason I'm bringing this all up again is because I created this little gem. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It's incredible seeing the changes.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nurture Baby Naturally

Nurture Baby Naturally is celebrating their new blog and web address. For those of you into babywearing, healthy and natural ways of raising kids this is a great blog to follow.

Monday, January 25, 2010

X is for X-Ray

Revealing bad news that day
Thank goodness insurance will pay
For the surgery scheduled without delay

Last Wednesday I went in to see the Urologist. Actually, I saw some Nurse Practitioner guy named Chris who happens to be the kidney stone specialist at Metro Urology. He was a nice guy and seemed concerned and confused as to why a 22 year old female was in his office with a kidney stone and a history of kidney and gall stones (thanks Dad).

We talked over my symptoms, he sent me to have a CT scan and then when I got back from that we talked over my options. The long and short of it is that I'm not willing to sit on a time bomb. I don't want this thing to pass in the middle of the night when 2.0 is at work and I'm home alone with 3.0. He agreed. So surgery is scheduled for February 12th. Not sure what time, yet. I'm not real thrilled but at least I get to pick the time when I'm incapacitated.

Hopefully surgery and recovery will go smoothly. I have a baby to take care of and enjoy.

Here is what 2.0 lovingly calls my Pet Rock:

There is the big white mass right in the middle - that's my spine, to the left of that inside a gray blob is another white dot and that's the stone. It's about 8mm.

Friday, January 22, 2010

W is for Wobble...

A step, wiggle and hobble
A stagger, topple and waddle
My baby's beginning to toddle.

I blame it on Heather. Heather who, you ask? The wonderfully sweet nurse who was training in Labor and Delivery when 3.0 was born. She had to seek out a measuring tape all because he was too long for the ruler on the scale; and she informed us that our new little prize was 22" long. A loooong baby. She then proclaimed with delight "You gave birth to a toddler!" I smiled at the time. How naive. I had no idea of what he was to become. The monster baby. The near 30 pound 8,9,10,11 month old. It's her fault. Her fault that he was in 18 month clothes at 4 months. Her fault that we had to switch him over to a "big boy" convertible car seat at 5 months. It's all because of Heather that Mrs. Stranger Grandma over there has a grandson twice his age and half his size.

Heather: (by the way, Heather was actually a wonderful nurse and I would be incredible overjoyed if somehow, someway she happened to deliver all my babies)

More and more comments are coming in lately phrased something like, "oh, he looks like such a boy!" or "he looks like a little boy now!" It's not my fault that you can't find baby looking clothes that come in 2T. I guess 2T (which stands for 2 Toddler) are toddler clothes. Who knew? Don't blame me for that boyish mop of hair that sweeps to the side making him look all proper and not-at-all like a baby. *sob* I'm torn. Half of me thinks he looks so charming and half of me wants this long, but little baby back:

March 3rd. Ironically, 3.0's one-year well baby check up is scheduled for March 3rd. His due date. And much like our pediatrician stated, I have a feeling that he will be walking in there on his own. This is her fault. The fact that he took several unassisted steps on several different occasions the last several days. Four weeks from now, my little Bear will be a year old.

This is his last month of true babydom and the best year so far of my life.

Friday, January 15, 2010

V is for Vampire...

Whose teeth you admire
But they bite through your attire
When your attention is his desire

Ah yes. We've gotten to my favorite stage so far [sarcasm font] - biting. I'm writing this blog in a sly like manner, huddled under a make shift blanket tent in the corner of the room. Why all the secrecy? Well, because if he sees me he will get mad! And we can't have that. Okay, so I'm exaggerating and I'm really just writing this while he's asleep in bed.

So why has it been so long since my last update? Well, that's simply because if I happen to glance at the computer I get "WAHHHH! clunk. chomp!" In respective order that's: complain, headbutt and bite. In short, temper tantrum. So alas, my days have been filled with avoiding the computer when 3.0 is around or sneaking it in when he's in the other room. Because let's face it, no one wants to be bitten by four (yes, we now have four) little baby chompers. While I try to do my best in being consistent with a firm "Don't bite" and redirect, I fear I may have undermined my own efforts in my addiction to nibbling on chubby baby limbs. *sigh* He gets it from me, doesn't he?

All four front teeth now!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

U is for Upgrade...

A tool that will be our aid
So more photos can be displayed
A new camera once we get paid

The full upgrade has yet to be complete; however, I did get a new lens for our camera right now. It's a 50mm 1.8. And it's awesome. Once we get our tax return, our goal is to trade in our rebel xt for a canon 50D. I'm super excited. We will also be getting a wide angle lens. Of course, this is all providing one of our cars doesn't need serious mechanical repair.

So here's to getting better at photography!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Signing Milk


After one week of doing this he signed milk. I'm not extremely consistent with it but I've been trying to stay up with it. Keep in mind (and I may be bragging here) that some people sign to their children for months and don't receive any responses until 10-12 months, sometimes longer.

He's a smart little bear.

Monday, January 4, 2010

We Pause for a Brief Interuption


I promise I will get back to "U" shortly but this couldn't wait. This is what happens when a baby defeats his high chair. He conquered it and threw up his arms in victory.

Battle Blueberry