Monday, January 25, 2010

X is for X-Ray

Revealing bad news that day
Thank goodness insurance will pay
For the surgery scheduled without delay

Last Wednesday I went in to see the Urologist. Actually, I saw some Nurse Practitioner guy named Chris who happens to be the kidney stone specialist at Metro Urology. He was a nice guy and seemed concerned and confused as to why a 22 year old female was in his office with a kidney stone and a history of kidney and gall stones (thanks Dad).

We talked over my symptoms, he sent me to have a CT scan and then when I got back from that we talked over my options. The long and short of it is that I'm not willing to sit on a time bomb. I don't want this thing to pass in the middle of the night when 2.0 is at work and I'm home alone with 3.0. He agreed. So surgery is scheduled for February 12th. Not sure what time, yet. I'm not real thrilled but at least I get to pick the time when I'm incapacitated.

Hopefully surgery and recovery will go smoothly. I have a baby to take care of and enjoy.

Here is what 2.0 lovingly calls my Pet Rock:

There is the big white mass right in the middle - that's my spine, to the left of that inside a gray blob is another white dot and that's the stone. It's about 8mm.

Friday, January 22, 2010

W is for Wobble...

A step, wiggle and hobble
A stagger, topple and waddle
My baby's beginning to toddle.

I blame it on Heather. Heather who, you ask? The wonderfully sweet nurse who was training in Labor and Delivery when 3.0 was born. She had to seek out a measuring tape all because he was too long for the ruler on the scale; and she informed us that our new little prize was 22" long. A loooong baby. She then proclaimed with delight "You gave birth to a toddler!" I smiled at the time. How naive. I had no idea of what he was to become. The monster baby. The near 30 pound 8,9,10,11 month old. It's her fault. Her fault that he was in 18 month clothes at 4 months. Her fault that we had to switch him over to a "big boy" convertible car seat at 5 months. It's all because of Heather that Mrs. Stranger Grandma over there has a grandson twice his age and half his size.

Heather: (by the way, Heather was actually a wonderful nurse and I would be incredible overjoyed if somehow, someway she happened to deliver all my babies)

More and more comments are coming in lately phrased something like, "oh, he looks like such a boy!" or "he looks like a little boy now!" It's not my fault that you can't find baby looking clothes that come in 2T. I guess 2T (which stands for 2 Toddler) are toddler clothes. Who knew? Don't blame me for that boyish mop of hair that sweeps to the side making him look all proper and not-at-all like a baby. *sob* I'm torn. Half of me thinks he looks so charming and half of me wants this long, but little baby back:

March 3rd. Ironically, 3.0's one-year well baby check up is scheduled for March 3rd. His due date. And much like our pediatrician stated, I have a feeling that he will be walking in there on his own. This is her fault. The fact that he took several unassisted steps on several different occasions the last several days. Four weeks from now, my little Bear will be a year old.

This is his last month of true babydom and the best year so far of my life.

Friday, January 15, 2010

V is for Vampire...

Whose teeth you admire
But they bite through your attire
When your attention is his desire

Ah yes. We've gotten to my favorite stage so far [sarcasm font] - biting. I'm writing this blog in a sly like manner, huddled under a make shift blanket tent in the corner of the room. Why all the secrecy? Well, because if he sees me he will get mad! And we can't have that. Okay, so I'm exaggerating and I'm really just writing this while he's asleep in bed.

So why has it been so long since my last update? Well, that's simply because if I happen to glance at the computer I get "WAHHHH! clunk. chomp!" In respective order that's: complain, headbutt and bite. In short, temper tantrum. So alas, my days have been filled with avoiding the computer when 3.0 is around or sneaking it in when he's in the other room. Because let's face it, no one wants to be bitten by four (yes, we now have four) little baby chompers. While I try to do my best in being consistent with a firm "Don't bite" and redirect, I fear I may have undermined my own efforts in my addiction to nibbling on chubby baby limbs. *sigh* He gets it from me, doesn't he?

All four front teeth now!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

U is for Upgrade...

A tool that will be our aid
So more photos can be displayed
A new camera once we get paid

The full upgrade has yet to be complete; however, I did get a new lens for our camera right now. It's a 50mm 1.8. And it's awesome. Once we get our tax return, our goal is to trade in our rebel xt for a canon 50D. I'm super excited. We will also be getting a wide angle lens. Of course, this is all providing one of our cars doesn't need serious mechanical repair.

So here's to getting better at photography!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Signing Milk


After one week of doing this he signed milk. I'm not extremely consistent with it but I've been trying to stay up with it. Keep in mind (and I may be bragging here) that some people sign to their children for months and don't receive any responses until 10-12 months, sometimes longer.

He's a smart little bear.

Monday, January 4, 2010

We Pause for a Brief Interuption


I promise I will get back to "U" shortly but this couldn't wait. This is what happens when a baby defeats his high chair. He conquered it and threw up his arms in victory.

Battle Blueberry