Saturday, February 20, 2010

Z is for Zingiber slice...

Which you ate more than twice
Mixed with pork and white rice
A little soy sauce, sriracha, you've discovered my vice

Ha. I bet you weren't expecting that one, were you? In fact, you're googling Zingiber right now. Well, let me save you the trouble. It's pronounced zin′ji-bĕr. Apparently, it's the scientific name for ginger. It's no surprise to those who know us that we love Asian food. I could eat Vietnamese food at least 4/7 nights a week. Chinese + Hockey = fun night. Thai is probably the number one type of food that Marcus 2.0 and I choose when we want a good conversation and a romantic/nostalgic lunch or dinner.

Our dinnerware is black with red glaze and our silverware is shaped like bamboo for crying out loud! Sriracha, a spicy garlic chile sauce is added to our hamburgers. Get my point? The first meal I ate after giving birth was Pad Thai from my favorite Thai restaurant. After 3.0 was born, we ate the Saigon at least once a week for about a month. Okay, I think I've hammered this home enough.

So it really shouldn't come as a surprise that my little progeny likes to gobble up my rice noodle stir fry. Sriracha included. During my recovery from kidney stone surgery, 2.0 made up some fried rice and according to him and my own mother it had a bite but little 3.0 ate a ton of it. He wouldn't stop pestering 2.0 to give him more.

However, all that taken into account I wasn't expecting my child to tolerate, let alone repeatedly ingest little shavings of fresh ginger last night while we were out with my mom and step-dad at a Chinese Tea House in St. Paul. I figured I would offer it since I know his little palate is pretty advanced. He accepted the offer, and challenged me with giving him more. So I did and he ate it. I mean, fresh ginger is potent here, people! Let alone stuff that's been marinating in soy sauce and rice vinegar. I was quite proud of my little bear but unfortunately I didn't get a picture of it so I will have to show off something else.

He's quite adventurous and I'm glad he likes ginger because it's great for soothing an upset stomach and aiding digestion. With all the crazy food he likes to eat, he's going to need it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Y is for Year

One completed with lots of courage, a little fear
Seeing accomplishments that make you cheer
Here's to braving the new frontier

"Lesley, you've already talked about this..." Yes, yes, I know. But this is my blog and I get to advance at my own pace and clearly I have not gotten over the fact that my first born is turning one. So, I'm making you dwell on it too.

A long, long pregnancy ago, I promised my sister that I wouldn't refer to my 1.5 year old child as 18 months. Now, if there is one thing I've learned this last year it's that you should not promise silly things about situations in which you have no experience. I've also learned that the reason parents refer to their children's ages in month form is because they are in denial that their child is growing up. Okay, obviously it's just because it's a more accurate way of describing the child's age without being too specific: he's 13 months vs. he's one year one month two days and three hours.

So sis, sorry if I refer to little 3.0 as being 13 months old come March. The real reason I'm bringing this all up again is because I created this little gem. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It's incredible seeing the changes.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nurture Baby Naturally

Nurture Baby Naturally is celebrating their new blog and web address. For those of you into babywearing, healthy and natural ways of raising kids this is a great blog to follow.