Friday, March 26, 2010

The View From Our Patio

I caught this the other day as I ran out to the car to grab something. As much as I complain about our north facing apartment not letting in light, we do have an awesome location for viewing sunsets.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I may have mentioned this before but we have our first official word over here in Tupyville. "Hi". Yes, the extroverted son born to two introverted parents blossoms into language with a greeting. He loves his first word so much that he will chase down strangers walking past and shout after them "Aye! Aye!" until they turn around and say hi back.

Of course, "aye" also means "I want" when accompanied with a long arm outstretched for an adult's cell phone, food, or drink.
For an accurate representation of how he approaches people see photo below. He gets this stance and saunters up to someone, stares them down and then exclaims "Aye!" Most of the time it's women who laugh and giggle and chat back with him while expressing his cuteness; and altogether giving 2.0 and I more attention than we would prefer. This has caused a few awkward moments where I've had to divert 3.0 from trying to grab at some other person's cookie at a coffee shop. I guess he's teaching 2.0 and I how to break out of our shells a bit.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Et Tu Brute

In a fateful aligning of interesting historical factoids we happened to snap this photo on March 15th - the Ides of March. A day set aside in the middle of the month dedicated to worshiping the Roman god Mars.

What does fate have to do with it?
  • I had no idea we took it on March 15th
  • The name Marcus derives from Mars meaning "mighty warrior" - Mars was the god of war after all.
  • And this little way shrine looks awfully Roman, does it not?
Of course, the Ides of March is also historically recorded as the date in which Julius Caesar died. So there is your historical lesson for today, folks.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another member of the family.


Chocolate and I have a strong relationship. So when I got bribed asked to take some promotional photos of chocolates I couldn't refuse. Especially when the payment was the chocolate. So as a favor to a friend we crammed three children (four and under) into our apartment, turned on Star Wars, cooked some food, and snapped some shots.

Here are some of my favorites:

Chocolates by Faith. When she gets a website up and running I will most definitely post a link.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Yes, folks! We're down to one nap a day!

Now this might sound like bad news to begin with but one nap a day is not bad news. Especially when said nap is two and a half hours long! Do you know how much stuff I can get done in two and a half hours? I've been able to read a book. For pleasure. And it's not Big Rex and Friends.

This might not sound like a big deal to you but it's taken a long time to get wee Marcus 3.0 down from three naps a day to two and now to one. I thought he would never sleep for more than an hour at a time and so he always needed at least two naps a day. It's fairly stressful trying several times a day to coordinate your activities so that your child can sleep. It's much easier to hunker down at home for three hours mid-afternoon and relax while said child sleeps and then go about your day afterwards.

And apparently that child has gotten my sleeping habits because this is what we stumbled upon the other day:

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lucky for you, the weather is crap.

I'm justifying my absence by the wonderful weather we've been having. I rejoice the day when you can throw your winter coat in the closet and walk outside in just a sweater. It's been like that lately so in order to squelch cabin fever, we've been outside. But with any spring melt comes the spring rain and for just as many days as we had sunshine we now have drizzle. Nobody like drizzle. So here we are now watching all the pretty white snow dissolve into salt and dirt piles sitting atop patches of soggy brown grass.

So we took it inside for a day and went to the Mall of America for our first venture into Lego land. It was pretty uneventful. So instead we decided to let little 3.0 run amok through the mall. He has to walk everywhere now.




And at Rice Park in Saint Paul.