Friday, May 7, 2010


When spring first sprung and we started taking little Marcus to playgrounds he hated the slide. He would cry going down. He would cry sitting on your lap while you went down with him. Along with the cry came this sound that could only be made in the depths of your gut with considerable abdominal tension accompanying; "eeeeeehhhhh!"

He wasn't real fond of the swing either. So when you cut out the slide and the swing that really only leaves you with going up stairs because this 14 month old hasn't mastered walking down them yet. Unless of course you "help" him by holding his hands while he blindly steps off of them and then catching him in his fall. As you can imagine, I couldn't tolerate the monotony that is up and down so I masterfully assimilated him into the love of swing and slide. He still doesn't like a full swing but he enjoys a relaxed and lazy back and forth especially if you place your face close enough so that when he comes forward you bump noses or kiss. That's how we got him to like the swing. Once he was okay with that it seemed like his gut toughened up a bit and it wasn't too long afterward that he enjoyed the slide.

Unfortunately, unforeseen in my mind was the fact that with loving the slide comes....up and down. Because now he's "forgotten" how to climb the stairs and walk to the top of the slide; he needs us to pick him up and plop him at the top. sigh.