Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tip Me Over...

...and pour me out!

Child o'mine is ooooooobsessed with pouring and dumping things out. All day, every day he converts his normal non-pool/bath toys into mechanisms for pouring or dumping. He's done with his water, he dumps it on the floor. His mega blocks are no longer for stacking but only for the fun of dumping them out of the bag and then making me play 3942 mega-block-pick-up. My favorite game.

But there is nothing quite like the joy of pouring water from the bathtub or kiddie pool from various oddly sized and shaped vessels. Especially when looking like a beach bum comes so naturally.

Special thanks to Grandparents Bruce and Janet for the purchase of the kiddie pool. And special thanks to Grandparents Merry and Roger for the use of the backyard in order to set up said kiddie pool.


  1. Love the pictures as always! you're such a good photographer!