Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Who stole the hummus?

How do you fit a quarter tub of hummus onto three crackers? I don't know. But somehow the hummus monster has figured out a way. In one week's time we've torn through three containers of various different hummus flavors. This kid is insane.

I'm going to have to start licking his fingers in order to get any hummus around here.


  1. Adorable! Ava loves her some hummus too :)

  2. In his defense, that roasted red pepper business was pretty delightful. :)

  3. Ive never had hummus.. can you buy it at a regular grocery store?

  4. Sara - yeah you can. It's delicious. Especially if you eat it with pita bread.

    Alayne - I know, and now we are all out! :(

    Lauren - they are so cultured! I never at this good at 18 months old.