Friday, August 13, 2010

The Wild Rumpus!

You can't have a bad time when the word rumpus is involved. At least, that's what I told my step-sister Grace when she accompanied us on an adventurous outing to a Minneapolis children's bookstore. Of course, she had been there as a middle schooler so she had a sense of what it was going to be like.

Chickens. Chickens running around freely. Cages lining the walls filled with doves, cockatiels, ferrets, and free roaming cats napping in baskets. A child's delight and a mother's fear. Especially if you are the mother of a toddler who has yet to learn the skill of petting. I was constantly living in fear of two things:

1. My child plucking the chicken and then my being forced to pay for the chicken to go to therapy.

2. My child pulling each and every book off of the shelves and my being forced to stay there for weeks and weeks reorganizing the books back into their doohicky decimal system.

But overall, the Rumpus was a fun place to be and we got to watch 3.0 run around doing his banshee yell, pointing and grunting at all the creatures.

Mo Willems inspired dove (or pigeon).

The 70's chicken with the bell bottoms -

The bookshelves

3.0 informing me that petting a Griffin is way cooler than petting a sleeping cat -

Grace leading 3.0 out the mini door -

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